About Sdara

Sdara is a platform and program for multinational organizations and government entities to attract, activate, and accelerate top national talent.

By selecting from an entirely new pool of talent than conventional recruitment processes, Sdara gives employers access to candidates not available in the traditional databases. Candidates are attracted, activated, and accelerated with a process that's aligned with the technical, cultural, and future of work outcomes of your organization.

(Almost) Too Good To Be True

Organizations embracing Sdara’s unique and integrated approach tap into multiple competencies: Over 20 years of experience placing national talent in private sector roles, strong relationships with local and federal government partners and stakeholders, deep expertise in design and shaping regional conversations, and creating and delivering action-based accelerators. Sdara created the first virtual activation and accelerator programs in the region specifically for National talent, and continues to run new programs to keep talent and employers at the forefront of the future of work.

Sdara Talent Search

Executive Search

Get support starting from the prospecting stage all the way to the hiring stage. We identify and initiate conversations with targeted candidates using our extensive knowledge and local market networks.

Sdara Talent Platform

Employer Branding

We design and launch your company portal on Sdara as well as position your employer brand as a National Employer of Choice. This means you can increase your attractiveness to national talent and stand apart from other companies competing for the same talent pool.

Sdara Employer Branding


Sdara offers a range of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship programs for organizations who want to leverage local knowledge and capabilities as well as look to engage great talent in the region.

Sdara Talent Programs

Future Skills Education

From the World Economic Forum’s 10 future skills to literacy in finance to artificial intelligence, we deliver online and in person programs to level up the skill of new and existing talent. We also leverage partnerships with educational institutions and foundations to increase our impact.

Sdara Success

Talent Accelerators

We build bespoke accelerators tailored to your way of working with capstone projects that create real value in your organization. By growing national leaders with the ability to apply creative thinking to solve critical problems, they can deliver impact across your organization.

Sdara Dream Team Challenge

Complete National Talent Program

Sdara team has created end to end national talent programs for multinationals and government entities. This includes employer branding, talent attraction and pipelining, assessment and activation, onboarding of talent, and talent accelerators.

Sdara Executive Team

The Sdara Executive Team draws on a broad range of skills that culminate in the success of the platform – with global capabilities and local knowledge.

Dr Petar Stojanov Sdara

Dr. Petar Stojanov

Future Skills and Innovation

Cheyenne Kamran Sdara

Cheyenne Kamran

Platforms and Accelerators

Talib Hashim Sdara

Talib Hashim

Head of Talent

Hanneily Cheng Sdara

Hanneily Cheng

Platform Technology

Omar Busaidy Sdara

Omar Busaidy

Global Partnerships

Max Hamel Sdara

Max Hamel

Strategy and Government

Ayman Nour Sdara

Ayman Nour

Head Recruiter

Partner with Sdara

Position your organization as a National Employer of Choice and future-proof your business from disruption with top talent. Sdara programs provide an experience for talent discovery, acquisition, and development that is truly transformative.