Connecting Top National Talent with Employers of Choice

National Talent Platform

Sdara is an all-in-one solution for multinational organisations and government entities who want a steady pipeline of top talent with the right skills, experience, and ability to deliver instant impact.


Dream Team Challenge

The Dream Team Challenge invites talented Emiratis to join an internship accelerator that will activate and accelerate skills in the areas of research, strategy, project management opening the doors for positions at top employers.

Sdara is a platform for attracting, activating, and accelerating national talent in the region.

Sdara is built for multinational organisations and government entities who want an all-in-one solution to secure the best talent and scale their innovation and success with said talent.


Identify and select for the talent and skills of the future, and attract talent that matches it.


Activate talent from a pre-vetted pool ready to work in a wide range of roles.


Rapidly accelerate onboarding and talent development in the form of innovation projects.